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Help current NEOMED students achieve success

As health professionals, there is perhaps no greater service we can provide to the next generation than that of mentorship. A symbiotic relationship, mentoring leaves the volunteer with a sense of fulfillment and the mentee with invaluable guidance.

NEOMED has created an innovative approach to providing basic career guidance to current students in a low-commitment, low-stress and high-impact way through its new website – NEOMED Connect. This opportunity is fashioned to best meet the needs of both the busy professional and the student.

Already a mentor and need assistance updating your profile? Click here to contact our NEOMED Connect team.

Two Male NEOMED Students Talking with DME Mentor at NEOvations Event

NEOMED Connect Best Practices


Please try to respond to initial student outreach within a reasonable time frame. 24-48 hours is recommended.

Realistic Expectations

You may be contacted several times, rarely, or not at all. Regardless of frequency, we thank you for your time.

Start Small

Mentoring should not be your full time job. How much time you devote to communications is entirely up to you.

Details Matter

The more detailed your bio, the more likely an interested student will find you to create a relevant connection.

Success happens when mentors and students connect

Register to become a mentor

Please fill out the form below to become a NEOMED Connect Mentor. This process should take 5-10 minutes.

Your email address and phone number will not be shared in the portal or with NEOMED students.

Once approved, please keep an eye out for communications from our students. The sender will be “NEOMED Connect” and the subject line will be “A NEOMED student would like to connect.”

Please keep in mind that you may be contacted several times, rarely, or not at all. We thank you for your involvement in NEOMED Connect.