About NEOMED Connect

What Does It Mean to Be a Neomed Connect Member?

NEOMED Connect is a database exclusive to NEOMED students, offering direct access to profiles of health professionals affiliated with NEOMED.

For students, this is a way to find the answers to your questions about your professional future. Our mentors have been in your place and can help you navigate the road ahead. All you need to get started is your NEOMED email address.

For mentors, there is no greater service than providing the next generation with expert guidance and counsel. NEOMED Connect is a low-stress, high-impact way to give back.

Group of NEOMED Pharmacy Students Working at a Lab Desk with Papers and Calculators
Two Female NEOMED Students Sitting and Working Together at a Laptop

Your privacy and safety are important to us

NEOMED Connect allows mentors and students to create meaningful and safe connections. 

Please use your best judgement with continued communications, including emails, phone calls, texts, and in-person meetings.

NEOMED will never distribute your personal contact information. You have ownership and control of sharing your information on your terms.

Before you get started with NEOMED Connect

Do Your Research

Alumni will supplement your knowledge, not serve as a primary resource. Ask your unanswered questions.

Focus on Relationships, not Outcomes

Get to know the alum as a person, not as a job placement source.

Take Initiative

Be prepared to lead the conversation. Alumni users are prepared to offer advice, not tell you what to do.

Time Matters

Health professionals are managing busy schedules so please limit your meetings to 30-minutes or less.

NEOMED Connect Frequently Asked Questions

Please see a list of our frequently asked questions below.

If you have questions regarding terms of service, please see our usage policy here.

NEOMED Connect is free!

We believe in creating meaningful connections for our students, alumni, and partners. Therefore, NEOMED Connect comes at no cost to our students and mentors.

Absolutely. Here are some other ways to connect with NEOMED alumni and affiliated professionals:

Good judgment should be exercised when communicating with a mentor or any other prospective networking contact. If face-to-face contact is made, a public location is recommended.

How to grow your career in healthcare.

Our mentors have been in your shoes! They can help guide you with advice on questions like:

  • How did you find your first job?
  • Did mentorship play a role in your career path?
  • What does your typical day look like?
  • What is necessary to be successful in your particular role?

While their experience may not be the same as yours, their guidance can help you find your own path to success.

All you need is your NEOMED student email! Visit the portal login page to get started.

What happens after you register for NEOMED Connect as a mentor:

  1. Your application will be reviewed by a member of the NEOMED Connect Support Team.
  2. If there are any gaps or questions regarding your form, a member of our team will reach out to you.
  3. Once approved, your profile will be uploaded to the NEOMED Connect portal and become available for students!

We encourage you to update your mentor profile regularly.

Our mentors lead busy lives! Therefore we make it easy to update your profile so you can create more relevant connections. 

Once a year, we will send out a call to all registered mentors to update their profiles. You will receive a personalized email from the NEOMED Connect team with instructions on how to make any necessary changes.

If you would like to make an update to your profile prior to the request, please contact our support team via our website with your updates.

We help make the connection, you keep it going.

Students will have access to the portal filled with NEOMED Alumni and Partners who are willing to guide the newer wave of healthcare professionals into their careers.

  • Both mentor and student profile requests are reviewed by our NEOMED Connect Support Team prior to approval. 
  • Once approved, students will receive their portal login information. The portal will allow them to browse through mentors based on location, expertise, and affliations.
  • Students can connect with a mentor by filling out an email form in the portal. 
  • An email will be sent from the portal to the mentor with the student’s email address and message. 
  • It is then the responsibility of the mentor to reach out to the student and respond accordingly via email. *Mentor contact information is NOT distributed through NEOMED Connect.
  • All further communications will run through the student’s NEOMED email. Continued conversations do not require access to the portal.