Welcome to NEOMED Connect

Bringing students and health professionals together in the spirit of mentorship. 

What is NEOMED Connect?

NEOMED Connect is a database exclusive to NEOMED students, offering direct access to profiles of health professionals affiliated with NEOMED.

These mentors, including alumni and other professionals, will provide informational interviews to inspire, encourage and provide ongoing support.

Mentors will help students navigate their healthcare professional journey and make informed decisions about their future career, post-graduate training, research, organizational involvement, professional development and community service, while gaining valuable insights and potential career opportunities.

Two Young NEOMED Students Outside Talking With NEOMED Faculty Advisor

Mentorship is essential to navigate the arduous road ahead

Shared Experience, Shared Understanding

Our mentors understand the NEOMED experience. Who better to provide guidance on next steps than those who have walked in your shoes?

Broad Network

NEOMED Connect offers access to mentors with a range of experience and career paths.

New Outlook

You will gain insight and understanding from an insider’s perspective.

Unlimited Possibilities

The baseline expectation of this site is to offer a platform for informational interviews between students and health professionals. Where you take it from there is entirely up to you.

The Alumni and friends of NEOMED

These are just a few of the alumni and friends who have opted in and agreed to provide informational interviews which can lead to meaningful connections that will inspire, encourage and provide ongoing support to you throughout your journey. Sign in today to browse and connect.

Three NEOMED Students Talking Networking with Healthcare Professional Mentor

Are You a NEOMED Graduate or Affiliated Health Professional?

We’re looking for mentors who have a keen understanding of the challenges and experiences faced during professional school, and genuinely want to help students succeed by sharing their knowledge, insights and support.

Mentoring allows you to give back to your alma mater, make a positive impact on the next generation of healthcare professionals and foster a sense of fulfillment by guiding and inspiring future medical professionals.

Success happens when mentors and students connect